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New Song – This Ain’t Love…..

Started working on a new song
This Ain’t Love But It’s Close Enough
Lyrics by Ted Barrett 2009
Hey lover, wanna come over
play slap and tickle
under the covers
give me your backside
and we can pretend
you’re her and I’m him
Some say love’s a bed of roses
she’s so innocent
as he proposes
he left you with bills
and a sickly kid
adios he said
She dumped me found her a rich boy
he isn’t too smart
but he brings her joy
that I thought we had
turns out I was wrong
now she is long gone
Get yourself a sitter
call up your sister
I’ll be your mister
for an hour or two
we’ll forget the pain
shedding tears like rain
call each other names
that we needed to
This ain’t love but it’s close enough
so we like to fight
never coo like doves
call each other up
with a needy rage
strip, shout and engage